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Every year, I consider designing my own Christmas cards to send out, and as the holidays get closer, my desire dies out. I like the idea of designing one, but don’t necessarily want to commit the time to do one.

I’d like to say this year will be different, but it’s not. So, instead, I’m looking to other sources. Currently my favorite place is a company called Paper Culture. I absolutely love the designs there. They speak to me, and inspire me. Perhaps one day I’ll actually get some cards made there.


Here’s an interesting article on the 8 worst fonts in the world, and I have to admit some of them are really horrible. I totally agree about the Olympics’ font. I think it’s really ugly.

I found this post by designer Adam Ladd interesting. He took popular logos and redesigned them with standard fonts, like Times New Roman. It’s a good example of the amount of thought and consideration that goes into the creation of a logo. The logos in their original form are much more unique than the redesigned ones. They have more character and speak more about the company they represent. A good designer will never give you status quo. He or she will create something that has meaning, and will hopefully be original. So, yeah, thank a type designer. They do good work!

I happen to love graphic design, and I also happen to love talking about it. I love the art of it. I love the creativity of it. I love the simplicity of it.

Design is about solving problems and answering questions. When design is done well, it can open doors, help sell products, and even in some cases save lives. What? You don’t believe me? Take a moment to think about all the signs you see on a road. Yield signs. Stop signs. Exit signs. Mile markers. All of them were created by some designer in such a way to make navigating roads as easy as possible. Without those signs, the roads would be chaos.

Design in its  purest essence is problem solving. A client comes in with a problem. The designer uses their expertise to solve the problem. It may be a logo, a business card or a poster, but at its core, it is a problem to be solved. As a designer, I love this aspect of problem solving, and I love having the tools to be able to do it.

My goal in this blog is to invite you to understand who I am as a designer and to talk about design.

Who am I?

I am Chrissey Trainello. I am a freelance graphic designer and a mother living in Durham, NC. I enjoy walks on the beach, ice cream, and good movies. My dislikes are writing bios and coconut.